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Fast and Easy Task Entry
Collecting and storing data has always been an arduous task, and sometimes redundant. The taskTracker eliminates the redundancy of data collection.
  • Easily assigns tasks to current workers.
  • Displays those assigned tasks on a High Definition TV.
  • Saves all data to the Cloud for easy access from anywhere.
  • Updates in real-time allowing changes to be made from anywhere at any time.
Effective Communication
Making changes on the fly isn't always easy, but taskTracker can go where you go. Make a change on your phone and have it show up on the main work board in the shop, or inform your assistants on their smart phones.

Keeping everyone organized from day-to-day is a challenge. It becomes even more difficult when you are away, but taskTracker allows you to build work boards in advance allowing programs and tasks to be completed when you are away from the course.
Cloud Storage and Mobile Access
Data is stored in the Cloud, allowing access to it whenever and where ever you choose. No more rushing back to the office to check where your workers are or what they are doing.
Detailed Reporting
Justify your labor budget! Show members of your team and your management where labor dollars are being spent. Forecast accurate consequences to cuts in your labor budget and put hard numbers to use.
Affordable Pricing
Country Specific
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